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Efficient Enrollment Technology

We know how to get your employees to participate, and it comes down to two simple things that we do: we make it easy to enroll, and easy to understand how much to save.  You will experience simple, forward thinking enrollment technology that very few advisors are using today that will present a web and mobile based application for any user to have a GAME CHANGING experience when thinking about entering the plan, or how much to save.

pexels-photoIntelligent Enrollment Technology – Pretty much everyone has a smart phone or access to a computer today.  We have seen incredible results to participation and deferral rates from simply showing your employees EXACTLY how much they need to retire, and how that may affect their paycheck, all within a quick and easy enrollment experience that we bring to the table for all of our plans.

This is another important step that we take to making sure that you have a more productive and healthy workforce that is no longer burdened with the stress of not knowing where they are now, or what their financial future will look like.


Targeted Employee Communication

light-man-hand-penPlan Management Portal – The backend analytics that this technology provides us is a portal to view all of the plans that we manage on a regular basis.  This portal is an important key to the success of Efficient Plan’s ongoing plan management and communication strategy.

The portal provides us with real time data as to where your plan is from a success perspective, as well as how close (or far) each participant at your company is to being on track for retirement.  We can send targeted messages, and spend extra time with employees that are further away from hitting their goals.  This is another quintessential example of Efficient Plan’s dedication to achieving plan success, and employee Financial Wellness.


Customized Education

Education Policy Statement – Besides your Investment Policy Statement, we believe it is also important to lay out a formal plan of action as to how we are going to education your employees over time. It is much simpler and more efficient to hold true to a well-thought-out plan of action, than winging it from year to year, and hoping your employees received the advisor’s message at the annual meeting that they attended, where most everyone was looking at their phone / not paying attention because they don’t think they can afford to save more than they are today. This is an area where we exceedingly out-perform expectations.

Customized Education – The Plan Management Portal we use allows us to focus in on YOU when it comes to messaging to employees. We call this YOUnomics (yoo-nom-iks).

YOUnomics breaks away from the industry’s traditional approach to participant education. We can setup your plan to send out custom, friendly, funny, and education messages that achieve the desired results – action in savings rates. We send out topical messages that equip the participants with the tools they need to succeed.


Topics include:

  • Investing
  • Budgeting
  • Anti-Spending
  • Saving
  • Getting out of Debt
  • Emergency Funds
  • Retirement Readiness

Individual Financial Planning

Investment success requires a long-term outlook, the discipline needed to stay the course when markets fluctuate, and a detailed understanding of how financial markets work. These are principals that guide us here at Efficient Plan. We will work with you personally to build tailored portfolios to your needs, and help your household meet specific objectives based upon your goals, time horizon, and risk tolerance.

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